Business Succession and Equity Compensation Planning

Expertly guiding business owners in securing their prosperous future.

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The McFarland Group partners with business owners to scale and secure their company’s prosperous future. We accomplish this through strategic measures including selling to management for full value and leveraging business value to recruit, reward, and retain top talent.

Our practical expertise will help you:

Sell to management

Maximize your business sale to management with our comprehensive guidance. We’ll explore all options— including financing and fair value—to secure what you deserve so you maintain company benefits as your team flourishes.

Reward high performers

Strategically leverage your business value to drive success. We’ll help you choose performance metrics that align with your unique value proposition and chart a clear roadmap for rewarding your team accordingly.

Prepare for the unexpected

We’ll ensure a smooth transition in the face of unforeseen circumstances, giving thoughtful consideration to the sensitive issues required to maintain business continuity and stability.

Meet our exit strategy consultants

Keep your promises.
Leave your company in good hands.
Get paid fair value and enjoy the rewards of a comprehensive exit plan.

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