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Sell Your Business To Management

Taking Charge of Your Legacy

Craft Your Business Succession on Your Terms

Embark on a transformative journey of preparing to sell your business. With our experienced guidance, you will overcome hazards, gain insights, and confidently transfer responsibility, ensuring you secure the value you deserve, all on your terms. Join us now and take charge of your future.

Why sell your company to management?

Financial Rewards

Selling to your management team offers the advantage of receiving fair value for your business. By leveraging a combination of commercial and private funding options, along with tax-favorable payment methods, you can ensure a robust financial arrangement. This allows you to maximize the return on your investment while providing your management team with a viable opportunity to acquire the business they know and love.

Preserve Culture

Selling your business to management preserves its unique culture. By entrusting your company to the
very individuals who have contributed to its success, you ensure continuity and safeguard the core values that define your organization. This seamless transition empowers the management team to carry
forward the legacy, fostering employee morale and maintaining the cohesive culture that sets your
company apart.

Fulfill Promises

Selling your business to management fulfills a promise made, whether explicitly or implicitly. It honors the trust and confidence placed in your management team, validating their capabilities and dedication. By entrusting them with ownership, you empower them to fulfill their potential, bringing the shared vision to fruition and honoring the commitment made to build a successful and sustainable future together.

“I want to express my heartfelt appreciation for the tremendous help we received from The McFarland Group throughout the transition of business ownership to the management team. Byron and his team were there with us every step of the way, guiding us through the whole process. They came up with clever ideas and took care of all the complicated details around money issues and legal matters. It was a relief to have them by our side.”

Steve Anderson Founder and Former CEO, Central States Industrial Supply

Why engage The McFarland Group for business succession guidance?

Extensive Experience

Our time tested process guarantees an organized and effective approach to business succession that is specifically customized to your individual circumstances.

Understanding of Relationship Dynamics

We recognize the intricacies and challenges that arise when selling to people you know. Our understanding of relationship dynamics allows us to navigate these complexities with sensitivity, preserving important connections while achieving your desired outcomes.

Expertise in Risk Reduction and Value Preservation

We specialize in designing plans that minimize or eliminate risks. Our expertise ensures that your business value is preserved and even enhanced throughout the process, leading to high-value outcomes that align with your business succession goals.

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“Byron and his team at The McFarland Group were with us every step of the way. I’m very grateful for their comprehensive approach and the intimate relationship they established with us, which allowed them to understand all the possible interpersonal dynamics within the organization. I would highly recommend them to any business owner looking to transfer their ownership to their management team.”

Steve Knuth Founder and Former CEO of AgWest Commodities

Our proven process

Business succession planning and consulting

Establish goals & priorities

Evaluate successor(s)

Calculate business value

Develop financial model

Complete risk assessment

Design succession route options

ongoing support

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