About The McFarland Group

Paving the way for seamless ownership transfer and talent retention.

Experts in supporting lasting business legacies

Our team of experienced exit strategy consultants has successfully helped hundreds of businesses across a wide range of sectors sell their companies to management.

We believe in providing a high-touch, personalized experience, giving our clients the confidence they need during a significant and transformative transition.

Our focus is on building strong relationships and understanding your unique situation, allowing us to create tailored solutions that meet your specific needs. Together, we can navigate this journey with assurance and peace of mind.

Why hire The McFarland Group?

Selling your business is our only business.

Succession and equity planning is what we do, day in and day out. Unlike other vendors who focus on fragments of the process, we take a more holistic approach to see the whole picture and provide comprehensive solutions that cover all your needs.

We listen first and strategize second.

We embrace your unique situation and listen attentively to deeply understand your concerns, asking insightful questions along the way. We believe in tailored strategies, not “one-size-fits-all” solutions— especially for significant transitions like yours.

Our clarity leads to your confidence.

Harnessing our expertise and outside perspective, we’ll help you make confident decisions supported by robust data and information. Together, we’ll propel you toward your goals so you can achieve outcomes that truly reflect your aspirations.

Get paid for your company.

Keep your promises.
Leave your company in good hands.
Get paid fair value and enjoy the rewards of a comprehensive exit plan.

Exit strategy consultants

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Terri McFarland

Kolbe Consultant

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John S. Bruckner, J.D.


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Kayleigh Bain

Client Advocate

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Connor Lacy


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Mike Gioseffi

Senior Advisor

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Jared Cunningham

Executive Assistant

It is planning that allows entrepreneurs to leave their businesses when they want; sell to whom they want, for the money they need; and thus Realize the American Dream.

—Byron McFarland ,

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