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Hundreds of business owners have relied on The McFarland Group to guide them through the incentive compensation planning and exit strategy consulting process. Our exit strategy consultants collaborate with business owners, professional advisors, and key employees to develop and implement strategies that grow value, retain talent, maintain financial viability, and complete ownership transactions. Our team creates routes that transfer ownership and management responsibilities to unlock transferable value. Our team creates routes that retain talented people so they don’t become the competition. Our team prepares business owners to sell their ownership and create financial and time freedom from the company’s daily operations.

The McFarland Group takes pride in seeking to understand the circumstances and nuances of your company before making recommendations, providing tailored solutions to unique situations, and collaborating openly with your team of professional advisors. Most importantly, our business strategy consulting team strives to make certain that our clients have the clarity they need to act with confidence.

Meet Our Team

Terri McFarland

Kolbe Consultant

John Bruckkner

Senior Advisor

Kayleigh Bain

Client Advocate

Connor Lacy

Senior Advisor

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