Terri McFarland

Terri, the co-founder of The McFarland Group, specializes in maximizing personal productivity.

As a Certified Kolbe Consultant for ten years, she works with employers and key employees to optimize the productivity of individuals and teams. Using Kolbe assessments, she educates on the missing link for many productivity issues: Conation.

The parts of the mind that leads to productivity are not linear. Most of us are familiar with the cognitive (thinking and intellect) part of the mind, and many assessments reveal the affective (feelings) part of the mind. Conation (doing) is the cluster of human instincts that drive creative problem-solving. Instincts dictate how individuals turn their ideas into actions. Instincts are not measurable, but their results are.

Terri’s career experiences include operations director, straight commission sales, recruiting, community service, and relationship coaching.

Understand conation, and you will understand the approaches people use to solve problems and achieve results. Acting according to these natural abilities will, in turn, maximize success and well-being. Success is the freedom to be yourself.

—Kathy Kolbe , Human behavior and instincts expert

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