Jared Cunningham

Jared joined The McFarland Group in June of 2022. He has his Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration with a concentration in Business Management from the University of Nebraska at Omaha.

With 10+ years of customer service experience under his belt, he is a seasoned professional when it comes to offering dynamic client interactions.

Jared found his footing while managing a business that allowed him to help business professionals make great first impressions and to guide others whose journey’s were just beginning through transitional periods of life. There, he learned that a handshake is always more than just a handshake – that a man’s word is only as valuable as his ability to follow through. This meant dropping the “customer service voice” and depending on emotional intelligence to communicate genuinely and transparently. 

Outside of the office, you may spot Jared with friends at the local movie theater or spectate as he creates exceptional musical experiences to support diversity and inspire change with Omaha’s own River City Mixed Chorus. 

It is planning that allows entrepreneurs to leave their businesses when they want; sell to whom they want, for the money they need; and thus Realize the American Dream.

—Byron McFarland ,

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