Byron McFarland

In 2005, with over 20 years of experience in financial services, owning his own business and working with hundreds of business owners across the United States, Byron established The McFarland Group, LLC.

Byron’s passion for providing strategic guidance to business owners began very early in his career. He watched as entrepreneurs—both his clients and his parents—faced the financial and emotional consequences that beset many business owners when business opportunities are off-line with capacity and when talented employees become competitors. He also watched owners struggle to convert their equity (sweat and capital) when they wanted to sell to the next generation. Finding his calling, Byron developed the skills to become a trusted advisor for entrepreneurs facing similar challenges. He now has over 30 years of experience guiding business owners and working with their other trusted advisors. Most recently, Byron wrote a white paper on the concepts of the Bankable Exit and the Bankable Buyer.

Byron is a master at simplifying complexities, collaborating with advisors, and providing unique solutions that allow his clients the clarity to act with confidence. And Byron, along with his team, make certain that plans get implemented!

In his free time, you can find Byron riding his Harley across the “blue line highways” or casting to rising trout in a mountain stream.

It is planning that allows entrepreneurs to leave their businesses when they want; sell to whom they want, for the money they need; and thus Realize the American Dream.

—Byron McFarland ,

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